Sunday, 17 May 2009

Almost perfect morning

Youngest and I had a fabulous lie in this morning. Well she lay in and I lay there praying for it to go on a little longer. Eventually she ambled downstairs and climbed into my bed. For once she didn't wriggle and squirm and kick me all over like some miniature black belt assassin sent to pummel me black and blue before I get out of bed. She lay very quietly in my arms and we listening to the rain and thunder outside. She smells of honey. I don't know why. Its just her smell and I spend a perfect minute lying there inhaling her and the rain and the quiet. Then she wriggles out of my arms and I know its time to get up.

Feeling thoroughly at peace with the world we went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Fried egg on toast for her and bacon and tomato sarnies for me. Coffee, juice, radio in the background, lovely smells from the cooking breakfast and coffee. The kitchen has a huge bay window which almost goes down to the floor and looks out over all the back gardens. We like to watch the comings and goings of the animals while we sit at the table. Mainly birds but sometimes squirrels or the fox that lives in the garden downstairs. We have been following a pair of wood pigeons who have a nest in the tree at the bottom of the garden. I see one on the fence and point it out. Youngest points out that there are two pigeons. I stick my face up against the glass and peer again. There certainly are two pigeons. And by the time they are finished what they are up to there might be a number of baby pigeons on the way.

It's not that I'm a prude but circle of life questions before my first cup of coffee of the day are a little taxing. Moral of the story: put contact lenses in before pointing out potentially copulating animals to small children first thing in the morning.


  1. here in wisconsin it's usually the cows you notice "doing it" and for that, believe me, you wouldn't need your contacts or would you want them !!

    and the fact that your daughter smells like honey....well, that's just an amazing thing to notice and I hope you note that in her baby book or a journal you have, as she will love that when she's a mother someday !!

  2. I might be able to see cows going at it without contacts but it is by no means certain!!