Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wild garlic and ducks

Black dog mood has completely dissipated. Walked it off. Swapped stories and laughter and gossip as we walked through the Sussex countryside. Tested our legs on some really steep climbs. Took in the views from the top which went far out to sea. Attempted to name the wildflowers and made up names for those we didn't. Got lost. Climbed through barbed wire. Laughed some more. Ate sweets. Ate bagels. Ate pasta. Ate crisps. Disturbed a flock of ducks in the long grass. Put on suncream. Put on jumpers. Put on sunglasses. Ate more sweets.

Found a wood filled with wild garlic. The white flowers climb the banks and carpet the floor. The deep smell of garlic hangs in the air sharpening our senses. Making us crave the taste.


  1. Glad you mood is much improved and you survived the walk.

  2. Thanks! :-) I did survive but the legs are seizing up now!