Friday, 15 May 2009

Feeling naughty...


I've got the devil in me today. I'm really enjoying myself. I am currently at the house of the Prince of Darkness (two dinner invites in one week - is the girlfriend away or on the wane?). I have a nice glass of chilled cabernet sauvignon by my side. The smell of dinner is making my mouth water.

And the reason I have the devil in me is that the Prince of Darkness is currently radiating curiosity from every pore in his body. Honestly, I can almost smell it. It's all most amusing. But to really enjoy it you have to realise the irony of this situation. He left me (for the crazy woman) (bitter moi?) after striking up an online (ahem) friendship. Too many brackets in one sentence?

I'm just waiting to see if he can invent an excuse to get behind me whilst I write this. "Scuse me love, just need to do my 9pm cleaning behind the sofa on a Friday night."

Hang on here we go....hold on....

There that's scared him off. He's slunk off into the kitchen looking very disturbed.."she's writing a blog about cheese...?" He can't stand cheese. It's his garlic and crucifix if you will.

So my evil work here is done. The devil can rest easy for the next few days.



  1. 1. Cabernet Sauvignon. Just wanted to write it.
    2. On the wane. But I suck at judging mythical creatures, all princes included that are not going bald (them British ones).
    3. Never too many parentheses/ brackets
    4. Nice cheese.
    My 'contribution'.

  2. 1. Quite understand.
    2. Who knows but I am finding it quite entertaining at the moment.
    3. (thanks) (just wanted to be sure)
    4. Totally. Picture also includes wine so doubly good.