Monday, 11 May 2009

New arrivals

Project puppy proceeds apace. It looks like we really are going to get one. The puppies were born last week and we are going to pick out our boy at the beginning of June. The girls are so so excited. Actually, between these four cyber walls, I am so so excited.
Of course the girls have started to think of names. Their taste definitely runs into the sickly sweet and twee. I am absolutely going to have to put my foot down as I know that I will end up being the one in the park shouting for "fluffywuffysnookybuns" to come back. I am all for cool, off the wall names, none of which find favour with the girls. They are not so keen on introducing Razorblade to their friends. So all name suggestions gratefully received.


  1. What?!?! What names do you like then? We can't be the ones picking, just the ones voting...
    Puppies look thoroughly cute (and wrinkly - but that's normal, right?).

  2. Sadly my name suggestions all seem to be following a theme - Sauvignon, Blanc, Pinot, Grigio, Vermouth, Gin - do you see a pattern yet? Not sure if I fancy the kids standing in the park shouting out their mothers favourite tipple.
    Good point on the wrinkly - will check out manufacturers instruction manual. They come with one don't they?

  3. I don't even own a dishwasher (have maid - whole other issue) much for the manual...
    Uhm, I vote for Blanc. It's snappy, fresh, and crisp. And right up there with my favorites (also the bottle is fairly light for him to fetch, in case he's not one of them small ones (can't really tell) and if he is not really into the whole fetching of wine bottles (am kidding you animal lovers).
    Okay, they'll never let me adopt.

  4. I am so loving the way your mind works. I could train him to open the bottle too but I suspect that he might need opposable thumbs for that.

  5. Why I don't have a dog, but have a husband.
    Sad, but kinda also love him.