Monday, 4 May 2009

Pretty in pink

Youngest daughter believes that no occasion is too small to dress up for. Grandpa coming to visit....hang on I'll just pop on a tutu. Going out for a plate of pasta at the italian place down the road....not without my tiara. The inevitable response to "what do you want to wear today?" is "a pretty dress" which actually means "a pretty pink dress".

I'm not really sure where she gets it from. I am certainly not a pink person. I'm not really a dress person although I do own them. When I choose clothes I am not really aiming for "pretty". I like to think I am aiming for chic but goodness only knows if thats were I end up.

Today we decide to go to the movies and, of course, this is an ideal occasion for youngest to throw on a pink confection. As I stand in front of my (largely black) wardrobe inspiration strikes and I decide to be guided by the fashion principles of a 7 year old. So yes, the dress is black but look - yellow sandals! (I believe that these are the first ever yellow shoes I have owned and I am feeling inordinately proud of them.)

Let's just have one more picture of the sandals...

Anyway, as my mind wandered during the movie I realised that youngest's approach to fashion is really all about the "nowness" of being a kid. Living in the moment. After all, if you don't put your Snow White outfit on to go the supermarket who knows when you might next have an opportunity to wear it? It's not a bad fashion principle to live by. In fact its not a bad principle to live by. Full stop. Although I am still working up to wearing the tiara into the office.


  1. I think it is a brilliant philosophy. I can understand the hesitation to wearing the tiara to the office. Maybe you could wear it next time you are lounging in the bean bag on the roof ;)

  2. Now there's an idea. Relaxed yet regal. Best of both worlds.

    Thanks for first ever comment :-)

  3. i have a meeting tomorrow at my old (evil) place of work and i'm nervous. maybe a tiara would give me just that extra boost i need. it's kind of like seeing an ex- again. arrgh!

  4. In that case may I recommend some fairy wings as well? You may as well completely floor them. Good luck!

  5. Oh you definitely have to embrace all moments that lend themselves to wearing something fancy! Live large! My 4 year old daughter lives by this principle too. . . I love it.