Monday, 18 May 2009

Things I have bought myself for my 40th far

I have discovered that one of the chief pleasures of not having a significant other (detest that phrase, husband, boyfriend, bedwarmer, snuggle bunny, wine bottle opener what ever you prefer) is that there is absolutely no guilt in buying yourself birthday presents. I never thought to buy myself presents when the husbands were around. Not to say that either of the husbands was bad at presents. Its just when you buy your own you get exactly what you want.

Anyway, moving on to the list:
  1. Two holidays, one after the other. Cheesy tacky caravan (the chief pleasure of which is the "clubhouse" where all food comes in a basket and the entertainment consists of a man in a giant chicken costume - best enjoyed with several large glasses of pinot grigio and a healthy dose of irony) followed by slightly more refined lighthouse weekend (will post some pictures for Polly)

  2. Satnav in order to get to these places without having to rely on map reading by 12 year old.

  3. Dog -theoretically for children but all the pester power in the world would not stand a chance if I wasn't secretly fulfilling my lifetime ambition to own a dog.

  4. Ticket to Copenhagen to partake in the madness/creative frenzy that is Blogcamp. Could be the only chance I have in my life to learn belly dancing and knitting in one weekend whilst eating/slurping a gin and tonic sorbet.

  5. Tattoo. Dragonfly on hip. I am very pleased with it especially since it meant I got to wrap myself in clingfilm - something I have always wanted to do although not necessarily whilst youngest daughter watched me with a look of mild surprise on her face.

It's still a couple of weeks away so doubt there will be more excuses for presents to


  1. snicker snicker....I have always bought myself birthday presents and christmas presents....not that the hubby does a bad job, but I'm just a little bit snotty when it comes to getting exactly what I that bad or wrong??.....ABSOLUTLEY go girl !!!

  2. Lovely presents, I never thought of getting myself gifts. I might have to do that this year. All I normally get are kisses and drinks, which I am in no way complaining about.

  3. the cling wrap image is hilarious. I appreciate the fact that you got a tattoo to me 40 year old have the right (by then you know what you want)- 18 year olds should be slapped (don't make permanent decisions like that!).

  4. I'm looking forward to those lighthouse pics, I still want to move into one. I totally agree on the presents, they're much better when there's noone to judge!

  5. Mmm gorgeous idea... presents fo my birthday! Too late... but next year I'll think about it :)
    Kisses :)

  6. think of it as thirty-ten. and it's not as bad as they say it is. 40s and the new 30s.

    cool on the tattoo (tho' i had already gathered that from BC blog), tho' i do want to hear about the cling film.

    so glad coming to blog camp is a birthday present to self. that's so cool!

  7. I think you should add a trip to st louis to kidnap fellow blogger and take her to blog camp too. then you can safely return her to her family. Hopefully the laundry will be done by then.