Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Reasons to love a caravan holiday

  1. The shop on the site does not sell any fresh vegetables but it does sell the biggest jars of hair gel known to man.
  2. You need never wonder what it is like to have a shower inside a coffin again.
  3. The fridge is tiny and you may panic that there is nowhere to stick your wine box but due to lack of fresh veg (see above) you can use the veg drawer for your wine.
  4. When there is a particularly strong gust of wind the whole caravan shakes which is an added trill.
  5. The ornaments in the caravan. There would be a picture here but the wifi in the "Oceana" club refuses to upload it. Imagine glorious blue dolphins.
  6. This is the only place where your children can meet a man dressed in a fox costume and feel very excited about it.
  7. Its been sunny all day here and it has rained back home.
  8. The kids feel like they are having an adventure.
  9. Hey, you feel like you are having and adventure. People are drinking blue drinks here...


  1. Blue drinks are the best, even if they aren't of the adult varity.

  2. Sounds like you're having lots of fun ;)

  3. i think we're probably gonna need pictures of the guy in the fox costume. :-)

    i hope it's not more fun than blog camp. ;-)

  4. See if you can get a black and blue martini. I think it has blue curaco (did I spell that right?). Enjoy the sun and know that I'm being flooded out (ok not literally, but close enough!) I'm gonna have to start building an ark soon...

  5. First can I say that I am having a thrill not a trill (which in the UK is bird seed)
    Second black and blue martini - how exciting is that. Its on my list to try.
    Third. There are pictures of the fox guy but you will have to wait to the lighthouse till I post as pictures here just seem to crash everything.
    Fourth so agree on the blue drinks. Blue slush puppie is the best. :-)