Saturday, 16 May 2009

Who's that girl?

As part of my on going attempt to be a real girl I am going to the hairdressers to get my hair cut and coloured today. That may not sound like a big deal to those of you that do this on a regular basis but let me assure you that it is. First off I have been growing my hair since last autumn (as part of my ongoing midlife crisis). I can't bear it anymore so its all being chopped off and I am reverting to my normal boyish crop. Second and more significantly (also as a continuing part of my midlife crisis) I have somehow agreed to have my hair coloured. I can count the times I have had my hair coloured on one hand. Nay, one finger. Disaster.
This runs on par with my other attempts at being a girl. I fall off high heels. I bite my nails. I can't really do make up. If I do do it I always forget to take it off. I rarely have matching underwear on (something I am given to understand that real girls do). I can't bear the time and effort it takes to blow dry my hair (another reason for the crop decision). I only own one handbag. My favourite gadget is my cordless drill as opposed to say my "Ladeeze Whirlpool Foot Spa" (which I hasten to add is not something I actually own). I am unable sustain any kind of conversation about beauty products, hair removal strategys, make-up or anti-ageing creams.
I have really been trying to discover my inner girl. There's no real sign of her as yet but maybe she will surface after the hair colour. Not holding my breath for it though.


  1. Seaside Girl, I'm glad you made a comment on my post or I might have lost you on the high seas of Blogdom. You are refreshing and authentic.

    Now about this business of being a girl. There are girly-girls who are all flash but without an interesting thought in their head, or Women who read good books, raise young girls into women and go to blog camp in foreign countries. And maybe. Just maybe. Sometimes get their hair coloured.

  2. maybe blog camp will help--fake eyelashes for all! :-)

    but we won't sit around talking about makeup, i promise.

  3. I've been trying to get a hair-cut for at least a month now but something would always happen to prevent it (sick kids, sick me). And I had also decided I wanted to change my color, for the first time in five years! I guess it's some kind of a crisis, too :)

    Anyway, good luck with your hair makeover!

  4. I am pleased to report that I am still willing to leave the house post cut and colour. So still on for Blog camp and fake eyelashes julochka.

    Thanks Fragrant Muse - I like the sound of that girl you describe!

    Jelica - you sound like you need some you time!

  5. If it wasn't for these big bumps in the front of my shirt, i would be hard pressed to prove my girlydom.

    I too bite my nails, and I oten forget to brush my hair.

    I do like high heels, when i can be bothered to wear shoes, though i never remember i'm not talented to run in them. That can cause me to find myself in some very unladylike positions.

  6. thanks for loving on my blog title today. HOpe I didn't tick anybody off....well, who cares right!

  7. i just found your blog and I love it....
    your honesty is so refreshing and certainly caught my attention !!!

  8. With a sister-in-law who wears shoes with 12cm heels, always with a perfect make up and hairstyle, I assure you that is difficult... very difficult! But I resist... I still prefer comfortable shoes (you know Birkenstock?!?), short nails and no make up; this is the real Chiara and I won't change!!! Kisses :)

  9. OK so have to admit. Just got back from party. The theme was "Mamma Mia". Everyone else was in authentic abba stuff. And me? I chose the Meryl Streep dungarees and sneakers look. Honestly its the first time I've taken a cordless drill with me to a party.
    iasa - so get what you mean. I like the high heels. They just don't like me. :-(
    Jules - It was genious as far as I am concerned. :-)
    beth - lovely to meet you and thanks!
    chiara - there is just no competing with a sister-in-law like that. Just go in the opposite direction. And oh boy do I know Birkenstock. (that's a yes by the way!)