Thursday, 14 May 2009


I've been thinking about blogging a lot and about why I enjoy it so much. One of the reasons is that it makes me focus on each and everyday. It's so easy to get caught in a frantic routine that gets you through the days but leaves no time for appreciating the moment. For me at least blogging has helped to alter my perspective. I begin to watch myself and the world around me more closely. My internal record button has been switched to on. What before might have been a fleeting thought or sight is stored for future use.

So today when I woke up tired and the sky was slate grey and overcast I also noticed all the small stuff that contributes to cheering me up. Among my passing thoughts for the day so far have been the following:
  1. (Upon staggering out of bed) thank god I'm not a kid - at least I can crawl to the kitchen and make coffee. How on earth did I ever get out of bed without the promise of black coffee to entice me?
  2. (Upon finding out that stepson has an exam today) again thank god I am not a kid. I'm not sure I could do exams any more.
  3. (Upon finishing off youngest's breakfast) I'm so pleased that she only ever eats half a boiled egg. Somehow eating half boiled egg makes me feel much better than eating a whole one.
  4. (Upon reading 50 page court judgment which I have to summarise by tomorrow) phew - not only do I understand it but most of it is irrelevant (in my humble opinion).
  5. (Upon putting the washing away) ALL SOCKS HAVE PAIRS!
  6. (Upon making more coffee) oh look there's a bagel left for me for lunch.
  7. (Upon noticing roof terrace through my bedroom window) bloody hell - I have managed to keep those plants alive for a whole year. Not only that but it looks lovely out there...

Of course there is a lot more than just monitoring my own internal monologue. There is the chance to reach out and to be reached to. There's other countries and experiences and lives to wonder at. Anyway before this turns into an ode to blogging (which I feel deeply unqualified to write given the short time I have been doing this) I am going to go and eat that bagel.


  1. I was just thinking yesterday, that without blogging I would take even less pictures than I do.
    Well done on keeping those plants alive, they are beautiful.

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I also started to pay more attention to my life and the world around me since I started recording it in a blog.

    And your flowers are lovely!

  3. Good for seeing the positive in everything! I wish I could do more of that...

  4. lovely - I am so sick of grey skies and wind and rain and cold too. I love your list - coffee, don't talk to me until it is brewing!

    I have truly enjoyed the perspective blogging has put into my life... enjoying small beautiful things in a way not possible before

  5. i love all this about blogging too...together with photography, it has definitely made me notice things more.

    and then, of course, there's blog camp. :-)

    and finding all of my friends here in the comments.

    it just feels so connected!