Sunday, 14 June 2009

So tired I forgot to give this a title originally

As I write this post my feet are in a bowl of salted water. My brain has officially already gone to bed. I walked all day today. I ate two breakfasts, one lunch, one cake(I mean a whole cake not a slice of cake or a cupcake), one bag of crisps and I drank more than my own body weight in water. I have four blisters. I saw a white horse carved in the hillside, two lighthouses, some partridges (I think) and fields of poppies and daises. I am so tired that I can hardly think but I have all the happy endorphins rushing round so I am a little blissed out.

In this happy catatonic state I give you a short video clip of our very own Rambo hamster practising his maneouvres taken this weekend .

More coherent thoughts and words tomorrow.


  1. hamster is cute. Oh my, your poor feet, but at least there was cake!

  2. Love your Rambo hamster! My daughter had one that lived for a long time and we loved it, but then he died. After that we went thru a series of less-than-successful hamsters, but none made it long.
    Post some pix of your walk, sounds lovely

  3. What a wonderful-but-tiring walk did you have yesterday!! Sometimes it helps to walk and walk and walk... until exhausted but happy like children! Rambo is really cute :)