Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Things to marvel over on a Tuesday

  • White horses carved into the hillside. I'd be hard pressed to draw that on a piece of paper.
  • Impromptu acts of kindness. My new neighbour bringing me a bunch of sage from her garden this evening.
  • The genorisity of those you have never met. Like Jules who is sending graham crackers and julochka who is putting up a host of bloggers for Blog Camp.
  • A burgeoning sense of community. My street has decided to organise a street party this summer. Road closed, bunting, sausages, homemade cakes, kids activities, music - the works.
  • A burgeoning sense of belonging here. In the blogging world that is. Looking forward to reading your comments and hearing what you are all doing, what you are laughing at, what games you are playing, what is making you sad or happy, what creative things you have been up to.
  • Growing stuff. How something that looked so dead I was going to throw it away can now be so green and full of life.

  • And how amazing the raindrops are on the leaves.


  1. That horse is amazing! It's good to stop and count your blessings once in awhile. I think what you focus on expands. You sound happier today :-)

  2. that carving it awesome. and hurray for random acts of kindness!

  3. Love the photos! They are amazing. Where is that horse carving? and have I mentioned to you that I'm totally green with envy as well as insane with rage that I am not at blog camp? Have some wine for me...

  4. I tagged you for a meme! Tho' I totally understand if you're too busy finding your suitcase/packing this week to get to it ;)
    Have an awesome weekend in Denmark!

  5. hostas are amazingly resilient. and they do look beautiful with raindrops on them. i hope we don't see too many raindrops on ours this weekend. but the weather forecast looks a bit iffy.

  6. Oooh lovely, all those are lovely things. Hmm, white horse...are you on the south coast? (also British, trying to work out where you are, not stalkerish just nosy!)