Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A little post

I am a little post. Post-holiday. Post-birthday. Post-30's. Post-sandy beach feet. Post-caravan. Post-lighthouse. Post-climbing 126 steps to get from top to bottom of the house (actually there is a little yay there). Come to think of it I am also post-unreliable wifi connections, post-no hot water in the kitchen and post-being entertained by the giant fox and chicken. To top it all I am also feeling post-healthy having today developed post-holiday head cold.

The holiday was very lovely despite dodgy/complete lack of wifi connection which rather hampered up to the minute reportage. Highlights of the first five days were:

Crab fishing off Brixham harbour. We bought a couple of lines, crab bait (some bacon from the butchers) and a bucket. Then we sat on the edge of the harbour for two hours and had the best entertainment possible for four quid (five if you include the coffee I bought). We caught four crabs. All of which were named and promptly returned to the bottom of the harbour. As we sat and talked youngest was inspired by the view and said that Brixham looked like Balamory (which probably means nothing if you are not the parent of an under 5 in the UK) but is certainly the most eloquent thing a small child can say to describe the view...

We watched auks diving under water . That's auks not orks (which would be a whole weird Lord of the Rings meets Waterworld type experience).

Incredible. Mesmerising. I could have watched for hours were I not dragged off by the children.

And the one day old penguin being fed by mother. I would post the picture but it does rather look as if the mother is attempting to swallow her baby whole which even I find vaguely distressing and I know what I am looking at.

The food. Fish and chips. And mushy peas (I may have lived in the south of England for 20 years but I remain a midlands girl at heart). The fresh crab (not the ones we caught obviously). The devon ice-cream. The cornish pasties (ok we weren't in Cornwall but they do a pretty good job in the county next door). The locally caught fish.

Collecting smooth sea washed wafer thin pieces of slate from the beach. I have no idea what I will do with them but they make the most delicious noise when you run them through your fingers.

The giant chicken entertainment in the evening...

Note: no crabs were harmed in the making of this post.

Tomorrow: hints and tips for the would-be lighthouse keeper.


  1. Sounds wonderful even tho I have no idea what Balamory is (link said it was broken) and I have no idea where Brixham is. But a day at the beach sounds marvelous to me. I like your pun on being post- as I always feel post- something.

    I love lighthouses, can't wait for the post- :)

  2. rxBambi - sorry about the link. I have fixed it now if you want to find out!

  3. what's the story in balamory wouldn't you like to know? you can be the parent of a former under 5 now 8 who had regular access to the channel formerly known as BBC Prime (now known as BBC Entertainment and featuring endless reruns of My Hero) and know it too. my only problem with it was that i wondered why miss hooley always wore the same clothes...

    and rocks--i hope you took some home. you don't have to know what to do with them, just enjoy them.

    looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks at blog camp! :-)

  4. I know that post feeling...

    But your post is funny and witty as always! I liked the crab note very much :)

  5. Julochka - I was always a bit freaked by Miss Hooleys hair. Oh and yes I took some rocks home :-)
    Jelica - thank you! The girls were very particular about the crabs feelings in the whole process.

  6. Oh no, bloody Balamory...I hate that programe, PC Gaylord Plod with his fluctuating weight and full face of make up, Miss Hooley with that appalling green outfit and nasty shoes...also a very wise and smart friend of mine admitted a vast crush on Archie...boak...

    Lovely holiday. I love Devon!