Saturday, 20 June 2009

Psst....wanna know a secret...?

These guys are are great. I have laughed a lot, drunk too much, eaten well and slept in the blue room.....Blog camp rocks. Seriously.


  1. Yes, looks like these guys are great...

    You slept in the blue room??? You actually managed to get some sleep while in the blue room, rather than enjoy the blueness

  2. The blue room? I want a pic of you sleeping in the (famous) blue room!

  3. I think it would be really cool too!

  4. It sounds so amazing. I've traveled all over and yet I'm still so stinkin jealous of you girls! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL!!
    Ok sorry. I just want to be there. But I'm so glad you're having fun and no one's head is getting chopped off...

  5. OooH i just found your blog through Blog Camp. I AM JEALOUS!! And the blue room too, swooooon. Just having a quick read through your last few posts. Will add useless but heartfelt comments in a minute.

    Safe travels home!