Monday, 8 June 2009

Random acts of smiling

I woke up today with a sense of irrational happiness. Looking at the facts today was:

a) a Monday morning
b) that meant that the lovely lovely weekend was over with the lovely lovely friends and the lovely lovely party
c) Monday is a going into work day which means getting on the train and commuting to London
d) And then getting on the tube (for which read fighting your way to overcrowded underground train) to get to the office
e) And at the office a huge (and I mean inches and inches) report awaited to be looked at
f) And its a boring report.

But despite all that I just felt disgustingly, obscenely happy. The sun was shinning (well this morning at least), and although I had to commute on the train it meant I could listen to the ipod, and read the paper and my book. I even thought I might see some deer from the train which always brightens the train journey. Ok I didn't see any deer but the point was I was so optimistic I thought I might.

Even the huge report failed to dampen my spirits. Normally in such circumstances I resort to comfort eating at desk. But today, despite the fact I had taken credit crunch lunch in with me, I exercised self-control and refrained from eating it before 11.30am - something of a record. Lord I felt good.

But I suppose the worst good thing was that I actually started smiling at people on the tube. Ok the first time it was by mistake because I was listening to a particularly funny podcast but it was such fun I just carried on. The range of reactions was so entertaining. From complete "I can't see the mad woman smiling at me and will therefore stare straight through her", to embarrassment, to confused smiles in return. It totally brightened my morning

On days like today I can take on the world. So today I can see myself fighting the local education authority and making sure that youngest has the education she needs; I can see that in his own dysfunctional way the Prince of Darkness does love me; I can see that whatever happens life is full of possibilities and new adventures.

So if tomorrow isn't like today I am going to read this post and remember how strong a little optimism can make me feel.


  1. i call that feeling being in The Zone. don't you wish you could turn it on at will?

  2. a smore - it is graham cracker, chocolate bar, and a roasted marshmellow (go back and listen to the song on my post) you put it all together and you have a treat

  3. julochka - so yes. I want to bottle it.

    jules - ooooh. further question now being posted on your blog.....

  4. So comfortable! Your post just fall in perfect time for me today! thank you :))

  5. Chiara.u - I am glad that my timing is spot on for once! My pleasure.

  6. ok - Seaside girl, send me your address via email and I will send you a box - which by the time they get there will be the right consistency for that crust (crushed!) Seriously - I will. Serious. (

    So, until they arrive ... hmmm, they are sweeter. They have a bit of a honey taste? How would you describe a graham cracker? anyone want to chime in here?

    Now, go send me your address.

  7. Jules - you are an angel. I can't send you a slice of cheesecake but I promise I will take a photo and post it!

  8. What a great feeling! I do hope you can keep it up all week! I can imagine the puzzled faces in those Londoners...

  9. ... thank you :)


  10. I'm smilin' just reading your post. It is contagious!

  11. I agree with TFM, but also the thought of riding the tube in london makes me smile. I really really need to get back there. I'll look for the crazy smiling chick :)

  12. Ok - so, your answer is up for the latest installment of Ask Jules. Come and see what I said in regards to ex's....bring your friends and come play along