Monday, 29 June 2009

Flat on my back with frozen brussel sprouts

Its been quite some weekend. I've driven along the coast, been to three different UK airports, hired a car, driven over the Yorkshire moors, attempted a 26 mile walk (failed) and acquired a puppy. All in 48 hours. The net result of all this activity is that my back has ceased to work. I am flat on my back with a number of prescription painkillers coursing through my veins and a bag of frozen brussel sprouts pressed against my lower spine. Oh and a large glass of pinot grigio by my side - I figure it can only help at this stage. I felt strangely proud when the osteopath told me that I had a "serious injury" as all the sighing/moaning/yelping/whinging I have done over the last two days seems totally justified.

Oh and the daughters have been so totally wound round my little finger (cos I arrived home with a puppy and mother adoration is running at an all time high). They have been happily picking things up from the floor (an area which is currently unreachable), fetching things (including the pinto grigio) and generally looking after me.

As for the puppy; he is just adorable. He is going to fit right in being just as bonkers as the rest of the family. We bought him a big, comfy, expensive bed and he chooses to sleep here:

Yup. That's the bin and the glass recycling that he is crashed out next to. Which I think only goes to prove that his spiritual name and henceforth his blog name is CHAR-DON-NAY. I shall soon be checking the puppy manuals as to how to train him to open the wine.


  1. Man, I feel so bad for you now. But you're gonna live, correct (as i still don't know what town to order the wreath to)?
    CHAR-DON-NAY looks so cute. I'll be coming over as soon as he's opening them dry white wines.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. The puppy is adorable, but your weekend sounds awful. Were you doing the Moonwalk, by chance? I walked it last year -- the Edinburgh one. I was absolutely crippled the next day. Hope you have plenty of frozen veg at the ready!

  3. omg...I hope your back mends quickly as those back issues are the worst !

    and that baby...that puppy....too cute for words !

  4. I hope at least you've got good memories of the peaks of Yorkshire! And that your back mends soon.

    The puppy is so cute, I love how he strikes the pose even in his sleep.

  5. Oh gosh, sorry I couldn't read your post due to being blinded by puppy love. HOw SWEEEEEET, more photos please.

    Ah, so your back is broken. That is not good, wine alone will not cure that. You might need gin too. And loads of magazines?

    Were you moonwalking?

    Ouch to your back, and hello puppy xx

  6. Okay, correct me if I'm wrong but why lumpy brussels sprouts? Isn't the akin to lying on a bag of golf balls?

    Feel better soon, dear Seaside, and in the meantime, hold the puppy close. Doggie kiss are good medicine.

  7. That puppy is just so darn cute. Why do so many dogs sleep like that? And I hope you are mobile soon! But it is good to have servants, erm, children in this case

  8. Aaaw...that pup is just too cute. And aaaw..feel sorry for you.
    I´m seriously thinking of adopting some children now. Picking up and fetching things...hmmm sounds good. Could a cat learn to do such things?
    Get well soon and enjoy all the puppy love, Jeannette

  9. he's so adorable. and i'm sure he'll be fetching the wine in no time soon as he wakes up from his nap.

    hope your back is feeling better soon! i'm certain the pinot will help. :-)

    p.s. kid you not, WV: unbagge

  10. so sorry about your back! hope you feel better soon! the puppy is just gorgeous :-D so far not sleeping in the bed, as evidenced by the photo... ;-)

  11. I'm just going to skip right over the mixing alcohol (even good alcohol) with pain killers...just don't accidentally kill yourself - or your liver. That would suck.

    Ok, on to the good stuff. I'm am so soo sooo loving your puppy! I love puppy breath more than anything. And I totally agree that he should learn early how to open the wine bottles.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  12. Hello! Congratulations to you, because you have a beautiful blog. If you put a translator, will be much easier for everyone to understand and comment on texts.



  13. Oh my goodness that is one cute cute puppy. Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Thank you all for lovely comments. I should have read them early to cheer me up.

    Hello Not so Glamourous Housewife, Rosemildo (will put the translator on at the weekend - thanks for the tip!) and Jeanette.

    RxB - I know drink and drugs should not be mixed but I am made it through :-)

    Bee I moonwalked a couple of years ago in London. Was great apart from queues for toilets by the London Eye at 2am in the bitter cold!

    Muse - I know I know about the sprouts. I had no peas in the freezer and the local shop only had frozen brussel sprouts and frozen pizza.

    Ext - will notify you poste haste when Char can open wine

    Spud - more photos of dog will be sure to follow soon.

    Kristina - he is currently sleeping in the kitchen! how long do you think this is going to last?

    julochka - unbagge sounds like the process of getting rid of the problems in your life. As in: the departure of PoD actually resulted in Seaside Girl unbagging a lot of problems.

    Polly - trust you to notice the pose!

    VEG - servants/ children - the words are interchangable surely.

    Beth - he is even more gorgeous now. Will post more pictures soon.

  15. Adorable puppy! Is he a shar-pei mix?