Thursday, 25 June 2009

What did blog camp ever do for me in the style of Monty Pythons Life of Brian "what did the Romans ever do for us"?

 So what did blog camp ever do for me?  Well knowing how we all love a list here goes:
  • I learnt lots of blogging stuff that a newbie like me is too afraid to ask; like about sitemeter and how to cross out because I had a carefully prepared list that I went through item by item Polly remembered to ask.
  • I remembered what it was like go away sans children, sans partner, sans friends; an experience I will defintely be repeating.
  • I said yes to an opportunity that presented itself and my life became richer for it.
  • I got to laugh till it really really hurt and then just a little bit more.
  • I learnt a whole bunch of random stuff - how to sip tequila under instruction from extranjera; that I always have my mouth open in a photo; and I am rubbish at throwing sticks at other sticks or whatever that Danish game that I suck at is called.
  • I got to feel like this about a whole bunch of people I had never met:

  • And not just about those I met.  There are real people behind each and every blog to paraphrase Polly.
  • I started to get really excited about taking photos and now need (NEED I TELL YOU) a decent camera.
  • I learnt that sometimes when you are having an amazing time the days can stretch out so that you feel as if you have been away from your real life for a gloriously long time.
So yeah, what did blog camp ever do for me I ask you?

(Clearly not how to write a short and snappy title for a post....)


  1. blog camp was and is and will continue to be a very good thing. i love this list.

  2. i still can't believe we didn't see your tattoo...

  3. I also need a decent camera so probably have to sell a kidney to be able to afford one...

  4. I'm always most at home when I'm being associated with tequila. Thanks!

  5. julochka - maybe I will post a picture to inspire future blog camp tattoos :-)
    Jelica - brilliant idea. I hadn't thought of that.
    Ext - no problem :-) if you happen to mention pinot grigio on your blog you can always link me in...

  6. Ok I will ask it. Someone has to! How do you cross out?

  7. Lorac - thank you I feel so wise! The answer is "Blogger in draft" which you will find as an option at the bottom of your dashboard. Click on it and then set blogger in draft as your default. When you create a post you have a new tool bar which includes crossing out. :-)

  8. Your comment about the camera made me chuckle . . . because I really wasn't interested in photography until I started blogging! For the first time in my life, I am becoming a VISUAL person.

    Your spider web is a lovely image. I feel connected to so many of my blogging friends; but it must be nice to see and feel those connections (and also to ask questions!).

  9. this list made me feel very sentimental. I still feel how good blog camp was for me, I still feel completely recharged by it and I still miss everyone A LOT

    I tell you a secret - my Nikon arrived today... it's beautiful... I'm not sure how much I NEEDED it, but I really, REALLY WANTED it :-) I'm already totally in love with it

  10. OMG, I just noticed that little site meter button at the bottom of your page - well done! ha! I found it too, by the way :-)

  11. wow...I love what blog camp did for you...I really do !!!

    now can you teach me how to "cross things out" ...please ?

  12. Thanks Seaside Girl! You rock!

  13. You really put it into words in a great way! Let's hope santa brings you a camera (but before christmas) ;-)

  14. What an inspiring post...i am sooooo excited about 1.5 and 2.0. I keep daydreaming about it, I think I'm developing a crush on B.C actually...

    Love that spider's web - perfect image for your thoughts. x