Wednesday, 17 June 2009

My last will and testament

Wednesday is the day that stepson #2 comes over to spend the night. I really look forward to it. He is a very entertaining 15 year old who gets on really well with eldest daughter. Plus they make me laugh by doing crazy stuff like msn-ing each other in the same room.

So today we are talking about blog camp, whilst I am also trying to make some valid points about internet safety:

Me (to stepson): "If I haven't texted your mother by Friday evening you can assume that I have gone to stay with axe murderers. Please instigate a search party immediately."

Stepson: "If you haven't texted won't it be a bit too late?"

Me : " Well .....yes maybe.... but you can at least come and recover my body..."

Eldest daughter: "Mummy..."

Me: "Yeeessss.....?" (sensing the direction this conversation is going)

Eldest daughter: "If you do die can I have the puppy?"

Me: "Well ....ok"

Stepson: (sensing an opportunity here) " Well can I have half your money?"

Me: "Only debts there my boy" (I say rather smugly, thinking I have foiled him)

Stepson: (without hesitation) "All your electrical equipment then?"

Me: (giving up) "Deal."

So thats all sorted then. I can rest easy in my bed tonight knowing that my affairs are in order.


  1. This is all too funny!

    "I have gone to stay with axe murderers!" this is all becoming movie like for me!

  2. LOL I was going to ask if you were really a woman posing as a man posing as a woman and going to chop up all the blog campers....
    Now I'm a little worried!!
    I'll take your shoes, btw, should there be an axe murdurer at camp...

  3. I thought for sure you would be the one who goes all crazy at the sight of water/a red hotdog and slaughters everyone else...?
    Who am I supposed to watch out for now?

  4. husband is working on artfully placing an axe just outside the main door of the house. he loves all this talk of axe murderers. blog camp was his idea, you know...

  5. this is great, you can now go to blog camp with peace of mind. axe murderers notwithstanding, i wish i could have joined you but i hope the September gang will be as much fun.

  6. I assure you I'm not bringing an axe :-)

  7. I think security at the airport might notice axe smuggling.

    So iasa gets the wine and RxBambi gets the shoes. Am open to suggestions on other items!

  8. all this axe talk is making me nervous, but I'm still going.

  9. Waaaaah, love that "can I have the puppy" bless, so sweet.