Thursday, 18 June 2009

5 (random) favourite things

I was tagged by the mere mortal Molly at ohfortheloveofblog with her 5 random favourite things meme. So here goes:

5 favourite films:
  1. Lost in translation
  2. Husbands and Wives
  3. Now Voyager - I'm a soppy romantic at heart.
  4. La Vie en Rose - I sobbed through the sub-titles.
  5. Little Miss Sunshine - the weird dysfunctional family feels like home.
5 favourite songs:
This is hard. I tend to like whatever I last heard. So these are favourites because of the associations they have for me...
  1. Doorbell - White Stripes (cooking Christmas dinner a few years ago when all the family was together)
  2. Money Money Money - Abba (youngest sings "if I found me a healthy man" which seems like a good plan once you reach 40)
  3. Got to be a hustler if you want to get on - Sue Wilkinson (early on with Prince of Darkness going through his record - yes I do mean record - collection and playing them all)
  4. Common People - Pulp (just because the song is brilliant)
  5. Park Life - Blur (lying on a beach in Greece)
5 favourite crushes
  1. Lance Armstrong - weird but I have a thing about cyclists.
  2. Prince of Darkness - I know I know. Get a life girl.
  3. Daniel Craig - yes I so would.
  4. Almost any man in a uniform - watch out sailors.
  5. George Clooney - boring but true.
5 favourite books
  1. Love in a Cold Climate - Nancy Mitford
  2. Crossing to Safety - Wallace Stegner
  3. Love in the time of Cholera- Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  4. Les Liaisons Dangereuses - Choderlos de Laclos
  5. The Night before Christmas - Clement C Moore (only to be read on Christmas eve!)

5 random favourite things

  1. my tattoo
  2. pointless little notebooks - I buy more than I know what to do with.
  3. pinot grigio - you didn't think I would leave it off did you?
  4. fish, chips and mushy peas
  5. my shelf of random stuff - see below. It looks like crap but it all means something to me.

I am tagging a random 5 of my regular favourite reads:

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  1. Cool, I'm in! "See" you at blog camp :)

  2. Great lists - thanks for playing!
    I love that we have a same favourite in 3 categories, and I would totally have added notebooks into the last if I'd thought of them, so we could almost call it 4.
    And ditto Daniel Craig actually -about the only blonde I've ever lusted after. And as for George, perfection can never be boring ;).
    Have a super-duper weekend - you deserve it!

  3. Thanks for tagging me! Answering them now!

  4. Oh la vie en rose, I was litterly blubbing and sobbing. It was so bloody sad, what an amazing film that it.

    Yeah I have a shelf of what looks like random crap but actually they are my treasures.

    Also a notebook fiend. Actually stationary generally. I'm totally addicted.

  5. OMG--we forgot to see your TATTOO!!!! you must come back immediately!!!!