Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I want to marry a lighthouse keeper

Actually no I don't. Because for one, I am still married to the Prince of Darkness so that would be illegal and for two, my legs wouldn't stand it. Imagine how your heart sinks when you are all ready to go out an enjoy the sunshine and you realise that you have left the radio on. At the top of 126 steps.

But don't get me wrong. It was an amazing experience and something I will always remember. Things I loved...

The view from the top. Especially the sunsets.

The lantern room itself. The glass floor. The old lantern with a candle inside. Watching seagulls soaring past at eye level.

All the quirky nautical paraphernalia lying about the place. The ships bell. The captains hat and jacket. The diving helmet. The flying seagull in the kitchen (ok thats not nautical but it is quirky). The carved mermaid in the bathroom.

So moving on to the hints and tips for the would be lighthouse keeper:

  • Remember to buy upstairs and downstairs wine for the upstairs and downstairs fridges. That way however tired you are life will always seem bearable.

  • Keep a pen on each floor. Nothing more irritating than climbing 100 steps to find a pen.

  • Keep some energy drink and sugar snacks half way up the stairs for when the glucose levels dip.

  • Cancel gym membership immediately as all exercise will be taken in your own home and for free.

  • Learn to abseil so that you can paint the outside of your own house. Lets face it the local painters and decorators are not going to do it.

  • How ever tired always climb the stairs last thing at night to check out the view and remember how lucky you are.

  • Only look down from the balcony at the top if you are very very brave.

And if you can't be a lighthouse keeper, or indeed marry one, then the next best option is to have a holiday in one. I whole heartedly recommend it.


  1. I've always wanted to live in a lighthouse ow a windmill. I get all giddy just thinking what great shape my ass would be in from all those stairs.

    Sounds like you and the girls had a good holiday.

  2. for me it's windmills.

    but maybe that's because i visited a lighthouse in january, when there was a cold wind whipping at the top and it was grey and did i mention cold?

    good advice you gave--especially on the upstairs and downstairs wine. i think i'd even go with wine in a box for ease of carrying.

  3. I'm not married and I'm a climber so if you meet that lighthouse keeper please give him my number!! I love lighthouses and I'd still love to live in one. Thanks for the pics!!

  4. Beautiful pictures... I'd like to have an holiday in a lighthouse... but as I know my husband he probably should like the ones in Bretagne, possibly in winter time because summer is not at all his season... and what about the elevator???
    Bye :)

  5. Windmills sound like a great idea for next year! Although the lighthouses in Bretagne are amazing - Chiara, I half wished for a storm to see what it would be like so maybe I should try one in winter.
    Oh and you are so right about the wineboxes julochka. That is exactly what I did!

  6. I love your advice: Keep a pen in each floor, even in a flat, there is nothing mroe annoying than having to go to another room to get one!

  7. I am very very brave then, mum! I took that very brave picture. Even I was scared!

  8. PMSL ...surely you'd need a hip flask of wine, for a quick nip 'for luck' every time you tackled the stairs?