Monday, 22 June 2009

A blogging journey

Sometimes its weird where life takes you. How seemingly small decisions can take you off in a completely unexpected direction.

On 21st April I started blogging. Exactly two months later I was waking up in Denmark on the final day of blog camp. The bloggers who I had met less than 48 hours before were real. Not only that but they were just like the voices I had read in their blogs; creative, talented, funny, intellecutal, interesting.... and did I mention funny?

I started to blog just for me. I didn't expect anyone to read what I had written. Even when I started to discover other blogs and found moments of perfect clarity I didn't expect julochka to first joke about blog camp and then to make it a real offer. I didn't expect that there would be room for me when I surprised myself by saying that I could go. And then I ended up in Denmark and the rest is history.

So I hear that Blog Camp 1.5 UK is in the offing.... so I will be grabbing
the camera

the converse

and the wine

and I will be turning up. I wonder what is going to happen next.....?


  1. i'm really loving seeing everyone's pictures. we weren't all photographing the same things at the same time after all. :-)

    so glad you dared and you flew in a plane all by yourself and came!

    i too can't wait to see what happens next.


  2. I am so up for plane flying that I have booked another flight next weekend to get me "up north"

  3. WOW! I am very impressed that you moved so fast from blogging newbie, to blog camp attendee. You are a brave girl. Kudos!

  4. ...and you got to sleep in the fabulous "blue room"!

  5. That is so awesome, I had no idea you were such a newbie. I think you may even be more of a newbie than I am. Can't wait to see more photos!

  6. yes, this is a completely different world now!

    I'm loving this. I'm looking forward to blog camp uk. I've ordered my Nikon...

  7. Brilliant! I didn't know you were sucha newbie either, like me (week 3 I think?). Can't wait to meet you! Love your photos.

    Ooooh Polly another Nikon gal...we heart Nikon gals...

  8. Yay for brave bloggers! And now to Blog Camp UK!

  9. Love your pictures they are so awesome!! It was a big step, I'm a relative newbie too and would love to go to a blog camp, especially in my homeland!! boo hoo !!! that's whats good about the blogosphere, I can live my life through you guys!!!

  10. this blogging tribe of ours really is amazing...I wanted to say "effin" amazing but I try not to bring out that dirty mouth of mine in comments !!!

  11. Hi!! I'm sooooo envious... sigh! I'd like to be there with you. It seems you had so much fun :) I love all the pics of this blog camp and you all are great!
    I'm so happy I've found you...

  12. I'm really looking forward to finding out . . .